About Us

quilting shop     Our building at 9005 Main Street has seen much throughout its history. The front half of the current shop was once a barbershop and pool hall, and we proudly display the ceramic pool balls as a reminder.

    In 1952, John Lapham moved the hardware store in Rushford from the corner of Main and Upper Street to its current location. In February of 1963, Mr. Lapham retired and sold the store and its contents to Sherwood Pomeroy, who, with the help of his father, added on the back area that is now our classroom.

    Sherwood soon realized that an "inside" job was not for him and turned the business over to his wife Norma, who had the help of her three children after school. Their youngest daughter Audrey worked there full time since May of 1979. She purchased the business in 1997.

barefoot quilter     With recent economic troubles throughout the country, it became apparent to Audrey that the hardware store was not to survive, and she added on a quilting corner to the store, hoping to help the struggling business. One day, as she was quilting with her daughter Lacey nearby, she kicked off her shoes in the heat and said, "You know, if I ever had a quilt shop, I would have to call it The Barefoot Quilter." So when times got more tough, Audrey knew what she had to do and closed the Rushford Hardware with great sadness in February of 2012.

    Even though we were disappointed to lose the hardware, we worked excitedly turning the store into a quilt shop. Our grand opening was on May 26, 2012. Since then, we have been amply blessed by meeting other quilting enthusiasts and being inspired by them. Audrey says that although she misses her old customers, she is very happy in her new venture, and feels that the old store has been given new life.
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