Long Arm Quilting


    When I decided to open a quilt shop, I knew that I wanted to do longarm quilting. I went to Creekside Fabrics in Arcade, NY and bought a Baby Lock Crown Jewel. It has been set up since May of 2012 and has gotten much use since then. I’ve been told that if you have a longarm, you have to give it a name. I named mine Edith, after my maternal grandmother, who was also a quilter. Of course, she did all of her quilting by hand. Wouldn’t she be surprised if she could see what I can do with her namesake?

Quilt Shop


  • 1.5 cent per square inch for free-motion, such as stippling, loops, double loops, flowers and ribbons, leaves, stars, etc.
  • 2 cents per square inch for most pantographs (edge-to-edge patterns).
  • 2.25 cents per square inch for some of the closely stitched pantographs.
    Minimum charge for any size quilting is $60. There is an additional charge of $10 to piece your backing, and a $5 charge to make any repairs.

    Binding service: The cost of applied binding is 10 cents per linear inch to sew the binding to the front of the quilt, 15 cents per linear inch to also flip it over and sew to the back. You provide the binding, or I can make it for you for a charge of $10. Note: All binding is applied by machine; I do not stitch it to the back by hand.

   My current batting choices are from the Quilter’s Dream Company and are 93" wide: Dream Cotton, Dream Wool, Dream Poly, Dream Puff, Dream Blend (70% cotton, 30% poly) and Dream Green (made from recycled plastic bottles). I also have Dream Blend in king size (122"). If you would like me to use batting other then these, please bring it with you. Mountain Mist batting will NOT be accepted for longarm quilting. When bringing your own batting, please let me know how close together it must be quilted.

    Longarm quilting prices include your choice of thread. I prefer to quilt with cotton thread but I can use polyester if you would like. I have a large selection of King Tut variegated cotton thread by Superior Threads that seems to work well in my machine.

    Please press your quilt top and backing before bringing it to be quilted. Make sure your quilt is square and sewn correctly. If I find any holes or gaps in a seam allowance that require a repair, there will be an extra charge. When you bring your quilt top to me, I assume you have checked it over to make sure that it is sewn to the best of your ability and ready to be quilted. I cannot be responsible for puckers in the quilt due to wavy borders or inaccurate sewing.

    When figuring the size for the backing fabric, it should be 3-4” larger than the quilt on all sides. For example, if your quilt top is 60”x80”, the backing should be a minimum of 66”x86”. It is better to have the backing too large rather than too small. I do not trim the quilt after the quilting is done unless you request me to. All fabric that you bring will be returned to you.

    When you contact me to do longarm quilting for you, I will put your name on my list. All quilting is done in the order of that list. Generally, the turn-around time for quilting is a maximum of 2 weeks. I will notify you if it will be longer than that. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your patronage!

Audrey Wolfer
“The Barefoot Quilter”